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I realize I am a princess.

I do expect you to give me presents and spoil me! Although no one is obligated to shower me with gifts (except for those of you who are money slaves, dreaming of my hands reaching into your pocket for your . . . wallet) I deserve it.

I also realize that many people just enjoy giving gifts simply because it makes them feel good. If you are one of those people who loves opportunities to pleasure a girl with presents (or are specifically interested in pleasuring me), here is some information about my wishes, desires, and preferences.

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Georgia Peach
P.O. Box 6233
Spring Hill, Fl 34609
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I hate anserwing the same questions over and over. READ this and make sure not to ask these questions or You will pay the price!!!

Name : Georgia Peach
Call Me : Princess Lorelie or Lorelie (Lor - a - Lie)
Born : Cleveland, Ohio
Home Town : Tampa, Florida
Previous Residence : Los Angelos, Ca
Current Residence : Tampa, Florida
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Anime Character : Hello Kitty
Favorite Tv Show : Weeds
Favorite Past Tv Show : Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favorite Musician/Band : Taylor Swift,
Favorite Past Band : Sublime
Favorite Book : Good Earth
Favorite Flower : Tulips and Jasmine
Food Likes : Filet, Lobster, Escargo, Brussel Sprouts
Food Dislikes : Peas, Thai Food, Curry
Favorite Icecream Flavor : Banana Split and Coffee
Favorite Treat : Manicure and Pedicure
Likes : Money, Shopping, Camming, Twitter
Fetishes : Financial Domination, Money Slave, Foot Worship, Anything with women feet, Asses, Natural Tits, Electric Toys
Dislikes : Asking me about Georgia the state, I know nothing about it, Never been there, the name I got from my agent when I shot porn, so I prefer to be called my name Lorelie. Being Cheap, Ignoring me, not doing what I say!

Also More About Me:)
I am honest, truthful, blunt, anxious, impatient, very impatient, easily annoyed, easily amused, Do Not Like Waiting, Do not Like being told what to do, I hate not getting my own way.

I am a spoiled brat and you can thanks my Mother and Grandmother for that. I have never had a male figure spoil me that is why I want you to be my first and to show me care, compasion, and down right everything I want!

If you have more questions then I expect to see a donation then an email!

Princess Lorelie

Sugar Daddy Application

If you are planning on serving me more than once or on a regular basis then complete the form below. If you just want to make a one off payment then click here .

Only SERIOUS slaves need apply. A cash tribute (no less than $100) is expected within 48 hours of submitting this form.

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